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Comprehensive Industrial Audits

Power, Steam, Chilling, Water & Effluent

Spenomatic, with its expertise in power, steam and water, helps perform complete audit of your manufacturing set up and also provides solutions that help you in becoming 'least cost producers'.

These are not solutions that exist only on paper, but can be proven through implementation that result in actual cost savings.


Current patterns of power consumption are first studied in detail. Based on the latest technologies, we then suggest alternative solutions with 'sensitivity analysis'. These solutions are then implemented and performance reviewed.


In steam audits, we start with the boiler and walk along each and every steam line to the complete condensate system, focusing on all critical components such as pressure reducing stations, heat exchangers, steam traps, every link between high and low pressure, insulation etc. We also survey the steam condensate system for possible contamination of condensate. Based on the findings of this survey, and also using past data, we document problems, opportunities and recommend solutions for 'cost reduction'.


We perform a detailed assessment of raw water, boiler water, cooling tower water, chiller water, process water etc. Based on this data, we recommend various ways to improve water quality and ways to minimize its consumption.


We analyze the waste water generated from each section of the factory and then recommend minimization of waste water, treatment and recycling of effluent water.

We have undertaken industrial audits for leading names including Caltex Oil, P Z Cussons, A K Oil, Kakira Sugar, Britannia and Kipkebe Tea. In each of these cases, implementation of our recommendations have resulted in huge savings in operating costs.