Boiler House Accessories, Steam & Thermic Fluid Distribution Products


Apart from supplying boilers, we also undertake supply and installation of Boiler House Accessories, such as feed water tank, fuel tank, chimney, structures, piping, insulation etc.

Till date, we have undertaken hundreds of such Boiler House Accessories projects across East Africa.

If steam of the right quantity, quality and pressure is to be supplied to the heat exchange equipment, then an efficient steam distribution system is very essential. This requires the supplier to possess the correct knowledge of (a) pipe sizing, (b) the structure, (c) layout and (d) operation of a steam distribution system, including right selection of traps, condensate drain points and condensate recovery.

Spenomatic offers the entire range of tried, tested and proven steam distribution products from Thermax.

For steam and thermic fluid distribution projects, we offer valves from RTG, Germany. The fact that we have had to replace only about 5 valves from so many installations over the last 15 years, provides testimony to the high quality of these valves.

We have completed over 350 boiler house accessories and distribution systems in East Africa.