Effluent Treatment Plants

The effects of water pollution are not only devastating to people, but can also kill animals, fish and birds. Furthermore, the effects of water pollution not only pose a serious threat to society today but also endanger the future.

At Spenomatic, we help you minimize wastewater through cost effective solutions that efficiently treat effluent and help meet NEMA norms. For this, we offer a range of packaged and tailor made solutions in effluent treatment plants (ETPs). We also offer UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) reactors that help produce bio-gas from effluents with high COD, discharged by the sugar, distillery, starch, dairy, edible oil, piggery and other such industries.

Spenomatic also supplies conventional sewage treatment plants based on Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR), Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) and Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technologies.

Today, our ETPs are working in a multitude of industrial sectors. These include General Motors (EA) Ltd., edible oil companies like Kapa Oil, Bunda Oil and Marsavco, tea companies like James Finlays and KTDA, and other companies like Kenya Sweets and Harp Housing. In the tea sector, Spenomatic is playing a leading role in solving a common problem faced in effluent disposal by tea manufacturers in Kenya and across East Africa: high colour, high COD/ BOD etc. in the wastewater. With Spenomatic successfully commissioning 4 of its ETPs for conventional and instant tea factories in the region, this problem is now over.