Among the most important components of our products (Boilers, RO plants, WTPs, ETPs etc.) are pumps.

In the 'industrial applications' segment, we represent Grundfos, a Danish manufacturer of a wide range of centrifugal pumps and systems for numerous applications.

Founded in 1945, Grundfos today is the world's largest pump manufacturer, producing 16,000,000 pumps annually.

The broad application range of Grundfos pumps are:

Heating & hot water systems

Cooling & air conditioning systems

Pressure boosting & liquid transfer

Ground water supply

Domestic water supply


Various other industrial applications like booster modules, fire fighting systems, drainage pumps, coolant and condensate pumps, grinder pumps, pumps for food industry etc.

Because we understand that time and accessibility are important, we offer reliable after-sales service for repair and spares for all these pumps.