Milestones: Spenomatic Group

Spenomatic Group Solar Panel Installation

Milestones are a critical component of any business’s success, marking significant achievements that demonstrate growth and progress toward goals.

Spenomatic Solar is no exception, having achieved several crucial milestones over the years that have propelled the company forward in the renewable energy sector. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the key milestones that Spenomatic Solar has reached and how they’ve accomplished them.



Leading EPC providers of solar PV solutions

Spenomatic Solar Ltd had installed and commissioned 1.9MW worth of solar installation within its first year of operations in 2019. Between then and now we have successfully commissioned over 14.6MW of projects.

The primary reason for this success has been because of our hospital-casualty approach to the industry. This means we always put the client’s needs before ours, and commit to finding the best solutions suitable for them, before looking at our gain.

Our customers have tremendous faith in our technical capabilities solely because we work towards long-term sustainable solutions and not quick fixes.We operate in a win-win manner, and it is the singular reason why the Solar vertical has managed to grow at such a rapid rate in such a short period.


Impact of achievement on the African solar Industry

Spenomatic Solar Ltd has helped power Kenya with over 35 MW of Solar Projects in the Commercial and Industrial Sectors, thereby bringing down Kenya’s CO2 levels as a whole.

The company is slowly expanding into the East African Region and has set a target of closing 100MW within the year which means the African continent will be reducing its carbon emission as a whole by over 136,000 tonnes per annum.

In addition, the growth of Spenomatic Solar Ltd across Africa means creating more job opportunities in the continent (wherever we have a client, we will have a technical team).

In the long run, that means providing a well-equipped, knowledgeable workforce to the African continent.


Finally, helping all our clients reduce their cost of production means more household income for the average African family.

Having more income means greater standards of living, and overall contributing to Africa’s Economic growth.


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